The Final Answer...

"Tetelestai", He said as he struggled against the cruel nails and mortal wounds He endured for our sakes and breathed His last, just before His death on the cross and world-changing resurrection.
"Tetelestai", "It is finished" as the King James' translators rendered the Greek into 17th century English.
In the 21st, we may, colloquially, render it "Mission Accomplished" or "Paid in Full".
"Tetelestai" was the word overwritten on a paid-up mortgage or bill - or on the manumission "papers" of a freed slave.
"Free and Clear!"
"Free at last, free at Last - by the Father's will and this act - they are free at Last."
There are those walking among us that seem to have a supernaturally strong serenity - a core of "peace that passes understanding" in their being - my prayers and meditations in the last week have led me to believe that this amazing peace comes from fully understanding the true meaning of accepting that statement from The Christ.
Your salvation is complete.
There is nothing left for anyone to do that can make the task more complete or that can undo what He has done.
He is "I am", the eternal now, and we that accepted that have contact through The Holy Spirit with that eternal and unshakable assurance that He's done what He'd said He's done.
Now, even now, all failures are corrected, all wages paid, all sins forgiven, all wounds healed and all tears dried.
Death is done. Eternal Life is being lived, right now.
It is your own soul whispering to you, in chorus with The Spirit, from within His loving and eternal embrace, thru the noise and turmoil of this temporal shadow-land where things seem unresolved and incomplete, where our wounds seem unbearable and possibly mortal, where so much seems... just broken and wrong.
No, No, No, says the still small voice - Peace, be still... hear the word: Tetelestai!