Take His Hand

The thing that turns data into facts and facts into knowledge is analysis.
The thing that turns knowledge into wisdom is the FAILURE of analysis.
If you truly try to wrap your mind around the height, depth and width of the love and grace of the Living God… you will find that your intellect and any metrics it can devise are not “big” enough.
If you honestly consider the idea of an omniscient and omnipotent God leaving glory to be born and live as a mortal and then to die for a world and it’s people that chose to murder Him for the crime of exceeding their capacity to understand -- that act defies categorization and comparison to any other “reasonable” examples of justice and mercy or loving-kindness that you can observe or even imagine.
Then, when you hear the claims that the tomb where they laid Him is empty, and you hear the cries “He is risen!” -- your logical mind doesn’t even want to consider such an unprecedented thing, because it finds it so difficult to understand how this could be…
However, if you return your thoughts to the things he said and the metaphors and analogies he used to try to help you to understand, and do that with just the tiniest bit of humility, just enough to consider that you might be examining something that’s beyond your unaided intellect’s capacities… something can happen that will truly “blow your mind” … He will touch you.
If and when you realize that the Living God has personally engaged you, and wants to make it a eternal and intimate relationship, you’ll be no more rational in your response than a teenager in “love”, and you’ll “fall for Him”, unless you are one of those sad and pitiable souls whose narcissism excludes all other rivals for your affections.
Rationality and analysis can bring you to the door of wisdom -- humility can unlock it -- but only the awesome experience of encountering the Risen and Living God and placing your faith in Him and His promises will swing the door open.
Wisdom is Skill at living. Who better to teach it than one who was dead, But now lives again and will do so for eternity?
Take His Hand… you don’t have to understand… just take His hand.