"Why do you call me Good? Only God is Good."

The greatness or insufficiency of our works may not be obvious even after they are done, for things are connected and reactive to one another across space and time in ways that we, no matter how great we may perceive ourselves to be, are too limited to know.
It is often true that those doing truly great things among us go largely unnoticed as they work. They are simply dedicated to doing the next right thing, whether it is noticed at the time or not, and they shape and produce whatever goodness and greatness may be found around us. Some of the "threads" and posts on some social media could be examples of that. A brief word of advice or encouragement, offered in passing, can produce great changes in the life of another, who may not even remember the source of the words that help reshape them toward greatness in facing the challenges and missions in their lives.
It is even true that people doing apparently bad things can be sowing the seeds of greatness in others, they may be teaching others endurance, resilience, and compassion during their mistreatment of them, thereby giving them the psycho-spiritual tools essential to doing great things. They also may serve as apparent bad examples and teach us about self-sabotage; I myself have MUCH expertise in THAT arena.
But the good news (“gospel” in old English) is that that our perceptions of the goodness or greatness of ourselves or one another really don’t really matter, unless we are mistakenly trying, in our narrow perceptions, to see our self-worth or the value of others as established by “good” or “great” works; that way is NOT good; that way is the root of much of the epidemic depression in the so-called “first world”.
The truth is we are not justified or sanctified (set aside for God’s Glory and noble service) by our good or even great works, accomplishments, or talents; we are justified, and sanctified, by the Triune God’s great work. He does this great thing because He is wholly loving and wholly good and truly great beyond what our minds can grasp; He does this great thing that we may do good things in His service and in the service of others; that way is the path to true greatness, that way is the way to achieving great happiness, joy, and freedom.
But, the greatest thing that any of us may achieve is to be welcomed into eternity, after our efforts to do good in this limited space and time, with a smile from Him and the greeting: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”