Long time ago, there was a brilliant American musician and band leader.
He'd grown up poor and disadvantaged in many ways, but he grew up surrounded by a special and unique form of music that grew even more popular even as he did.
He became a masterful trumpet and cornet player and his unique voice and talent had him selling out venues and recording "hit" music of several different kinds for decades.
He toured the world and played his music for kings and queens and masses of ordinary people in many places and countrys.
He was an unofficial ambassador for our country and one of the most celebrated musicians of his day, and at least one of "his" songs is still sung to celebrate the good things in life, though it's 50 years old.
Late in his life, he was interviewed by a reporter who, after noting his success in more than one genre of music asked him:
"... What's your favorite kind of music?"
He laughed and said, in his unmistakable voice: "There's only two kinds of music... there's good music and bad music. I like good music!"
Whatever your favorite music, weather it's got a Celtic or an Afro or a Latin or an Asian lilt, play it well, and sing it strong, but don't drown out all the other tunes, or automatically reject them because they sound strange to your ears.
Make good music, learn harmony, learn Love of music... ALL the good and wonderful music.
By the way, the musician in my story is "Pops"... Satchmo... Louis Armstrong (1901-1971).
But, please notice, understanding that he grew up a poor black child in one of the worst sections of one of the roughest cities in the southland of America isn't necessary to understand the story.
It isn't necessary to understand the whys and the wherefores of racism, poverty and prejudice to hear and appreciate good music, or to begin to join together to make good music.
The tunes are composed and directed by God; join the band.