Principles before personalities

I try to think of every one of my social media posts as a message "to whom it may concern", and of course to my friends and acquaintances, as well.
If ( and when) I fail to think in that way, my posts and comments devolve into self-centered rants or exhibitionism.
Please forgive, my friend, those sins of self-indulgence, and help me focus on service, encouragement, and exhortation to advancement for you and myself, by your own example and work, and the sharing of positive and uplifting notes, "letters" and commentary, one with the other.
Let's use private messages if we feel the need to personally address our differences with an individual friend or acquaintance, and thus help the true malicious "trolls" stand out all the more for their poor manners and conduct, in their public mockery and insults of personalities and individuals.
I think it good to strongly and publicly stand for what is true and right, but I can and will defend principles, without attacking personalities (so, help me, Lord).
I want to do a better job of making sure that all my post's, comments, and communications, in all fora, reflect my discipleship to My Lord.