Nov. 15, 2018

Together We Can

Honestly, we all get tired, and sometimes bruised and scraped up by the trials, nastiness, and "obstacle course" nature of this world. Some of us have even been seriously wounded or damaged by it. Sometimes, we'd all like a "safe space" or somebody else to handle the "tough stuff" for us.
But there's a reason that athletes and warriors and first responders actually build obstacle courses for themselves.
It's because seeking shelter and avoiding the tough stuff doesn't make it go away... it makes our ability to handle it go away; it makes our ability to make bad things better for ourselves, and others, weaker or flat-out non-existent.
There are, in fact, jobs to big for us, alone.
There are challenges to great for us, as individuals, to meet. All of us have our individual and seemingly unique (they aren't, but that's another discussion) "Achilles heel" vulnerability that "badness" will seek to exploit.
That is why we are called to community and fellowship with like-minded people of good will. None of us needs to venture out into the wild and woolly, dirty and dangerous, world alone.
Yes, we all have weaknesses (many in common), but we all can also find and built individual and complementary strengths... mostly, thru facing and overcoming adversity... obstacles.
Together, we can cover each other's weaknesses and take advantage of each other's strengths. When we do, we expand the scope of our collective defenses until most of the bad things of this world are less of a problem to all of us ... this is what God's Church is for.
And when we, individually and collectively, reach the limit of even our toughened-up selves and abilities; when we "hit the wall" that all of none of us can climb and the even the team can't breach or overcome -- that's when the Head of the Church, Jesus the Christ, does what only He can do -- He does for us what we can't do for ourselves -- He lifts us up, and carries us over.
Come out from your place of fearful sheltering and join the team on the field.
Our Captain, Coach, trainer, advisor, and comforter will never let you down. He will help you prove to yourself that we, together with Him, can overcome all the obstacles to life and Love... to live and to Love forever.