The day after Valentines Day, 2013

For GOD so loved…
I believe the true “spark of divinity” that resides in all of us is the capacity for love –our other capacities that seem to reflect our Creator – creativity, self-awareness and will, are impotent or misapplied unless fueled by that spark.
The greatest among us (not necessarily the most well-known) are those in whom that spark has been fanned and fueled into bright flame – and who illuminate and warm those around them with its energy.
If no one approached you yesterday with words of love and a desire to fan your spark, please consider the One that is the original source, His valentine to you is scribed in His own blood, so that you may be convinced in the earnestness of His troth.
He desires a more deeply intimate relationship with you than any other suitor, and has longed for your love in response to His since before the universe was spoke into existence.
So, especially if yesterday’s Hallmark, florists and confectioners holiday left you feeling somewhat less than loved, let me invite you to meet your first and greatest suitor – Jesus, the Christ.
He is Love incarnate; the everlasting “valentine”, always faithful, always present, even if ignored, and absolutely dedicated to winning your Heart. Just say “Yes!”.