Yes, you can "hire" Stephen to Speak

Besides Christian “Sermons”, I can and do “speak” on a variety of subjects. 

Although all my speeches have a foundation in scripture and the precepts, principles, and values of the Christian Gospel and a Judeo-Christian world-view, not all my speeches need be sermons.  If you’re seeking an entertaining and informative speaker for your group or club, I would be delighted to meet that need and would do so, at this point in my “new” life and retirement, for expenses (travel, lodging, and meals) and whatever small fee or "offering" your group or organization may usually give.

I’m a veteran of 22 years Active duty (AD) with the U.S. Army, and another 17 as a civilian Employee of the Defense Department, a childhood abuse survivor, “recovered” alcoholic with more the 29 years “clean and sober”, “resurrected” open-heart surgery patient, sometimes-perplexed and now-and-forevermore loving Husband and father, proud to have:

  • Served the first half of my AD time in the 1st and 8th Infantry Divisions (with a brief ‘interruption” for a year’s stint in Turkey) “in the company of heroes”, and in the company of knaves, draftees and volunteers and “grunts”, and of learning an awful lot of basic life-lessons from them and our “adventures” together.
  • Been the senior announcer, broadcast manager, producer, executive producer, and “Top” NCO for a couple of American Forces Radio and TV Networks (AFRTS), and Commandant (a NCO with authority under the Uniform Code of Military Justice [UCMJ] normally reserved and assigned to commissioned Officers) of the then most forward-deployed Broadcast outlets in the system (on the DMZ in Korea).
  • Served as a Public Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) at the U.S. Army’s Science Center & Signal School (Ft. Gordon, Georgia) and the U.S. Military’s Armor Center and School (Ft. Knox, Kentucky).
  • Served as the Media Relations Officer (spokesman) and Public Affairs Programs, Plans and Policies Specialist (Doctrine, Strategies and Operations [Tactics] officer) the U.S. Southern Command, the U.S. Military’s Joint (Multi-Service and Inter-agency) Command with responsibility for U.S. Military Operations in Central and South America and the Caribbean, including:
  • Support of U.S. Counter-drug and Counter-Illicit Trafficking Operations
  • Humanitarian assistance and Community-building activities
  • “Terrorist” Detainee Operations at the JTF-Guantanamo, Guantanamo Bay Naval Station.

Additionally, I survived a very low-survival-rate medical event (a transected ascending aortic aneurysm) by the Grace of God, who provided some exceptional Medical professionals (and some not-so-good ones, too) as His “tools” for what amounted to a “resurrection”.  

Because of my background and experiences, I am able to address a group on:

  • “Leadership” as viewed from “in the trenches”.
  • Public Speaking – how to; how not to; and why to.
  • Vice and recovery from vices and addictions.
  • Public Affairs and Strategic communications in an age of “Hype”, “spin” and "messaging" overload.
  • Communication essentials, Media basics, and “best practices” in media relations and media operations.
  • The scriptural basis for living, and dying.
  • Defending the Christian faith.
  • “Near-death” (actually “death”) experiences and what they “mean”.

I can also “tailor” a presentation for your group or audience, working with event planners or your organization’s leaders to provide just what may be needed for a refreshingly entertaining and informative event.

Contact me thru the comments section on this ‘site.


31.07.2015 00:22

Randell Collier

I have admired the eloquence of your writing, the sincerity, humility and 'tone' in your message. The latter is something with which I truly struggle. I wish you well, Stephen